How to sell

Do you want to sell? Make your articles profitable.

In every home there are many objects that we no longer need: an unappreciated gift, a piece of furniture we never liked, a dress of the wrong size.

We always end up storing these objects by accumulating them in trunks, cellars, attics, wardrobes, because, sooner or later, they could be useful to someone... and it never happens!

With the Dituttopertutti flea market you can give your unused things a new life and make money in cash!
Follow the 5 steps to sell your items at the Market e earn cash money !

  1. Do an initial assessment in your home. Bring only clean and in perfect condition items; for clothing we only collect items from the current season. The better the presentation, the higher the profit and the chances of a sale.
    You wouldn't buy broken, dirty or incomplete things either.
  2. Make an appointment to bring your goods to our store at 0439-719767 or 347-8036583 . Only the first time you will have to present an identity document in order to register and sign a sales mandate in which you authorize the manager to sell your items.
    After being selected, your items will be priced and displayed in the store with order and cleanliness. You will be registered with your data and each of your items will be given an anonymous code which will identify its ownership, the date of sale and the established selling price.
  3. For the first 60 days of display the price will remain the established one, after which we will apply a discount of 30 to 50% (depending on the category of the item) for another 30 days, at the end of which they will be sold at the realization price or given to charity unless you come and collect them personally within 90 days. Clothing is directly discounted at 50% after 60 days.
  4. Do you want to know if you have sold? Come to the store, send an email or call. You will know which items have been sold and can collect your money in cash.
  5. Do you want to withdraw your items from sale? It's not a problem. Come to the store within 90 days of the date of sale, you will receive a return of your items and you will be able to bring your goods home without expense. Your items will have to be searched for by you in the store.

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