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Cinzia Leone - I'll steal your life

Cinzia Leone - I'll steal your life

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Stolen vires. Like that of Miriam, the wife of a Muslim Turk who in 1936 decided to replace the Jewish merchant with whom she was doing business, forcing her too to change her name and religion. What steals Giuditta's life in 1938 are the racial laws: kicked out of school, with her father in prison and the fascists on her heels, she can be betrayed, sold and bought; he must learn to hide everywhere, even in a hospital and a brothel. In 1991, what steals Esther's life is a mysterious suitor who proposes an arranged marriage to her, regulated by a perfect contract... Jews by force, on the run or halfway, Miriam, Giuditta and Esther are women capable of defending their own identity from the rough pitfalls of men and history. By snatching the days from the ferocity of the times, they learn to love and choose their own destiny. A family saga full of deceptions and secrets that unfolds from Istanbul to Ancona, from Jaffa to Basel, from Rome to Miami, from Atatürk's Turkey to Italy at the end of the twentieth century, passing through the Second World War and anti-Semitic persecutions, with a surprise ending. A kaleidoscope of extraordinary places, three unforgettable protagonists and a crowd of characters that pierce the page and create a fictional universe from which it is impossible to break away. Cinzia Leone has written a unique, generous and exciting novel, of high literary quality and innervated by a plot that escapes in a sprint, captivating the reader's imagination. A book that, in the joy of narration, reflects on history, identity, tolerance

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