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ML Stedman- The light on the oceans

ML Stedman- The light on the oceans

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Isabel loves the light of the lighthouse between the oceans, which illuminates the nights. And he loves radiant mornings, with dawn breaking earlier there than elsewhere, as if that lighthouse were the center of the world. For this reason, every day he goes down towards the cliff and allows himself a moment to lose himself with his gaze among the blue, at the point where the two oceans, the southern one and the Indian one, stretch out like a carpet without borders. There, on the remote and rugged island inhabited only by her and her husband Tom, the lighthouse keeper, Isabel has never been afraid. She got used to the long silences and the deafening noise of the sea. But this morning a cry as subtle as a flight of seagulls suddenly breaks the quiet of dawn. That cry, destined to change their lives forever, is the faint cry of a little girl, found aboard a boat wrecked on the rocks, together with the body of a stranger. For Isabel, the nameless little girl is the greatest gift the ocean has ever given her. She's the daughter he always wanted. And it will be his. No one will know, all it takes is breaking a small rule. All it takes is for Tom not to report the shipwreck to the authorities, so no one will ever come looking for her. They decide to name her Lucy. Soon that lively creature always in need of attention becomes the light of their life. But every light creates shadows. And that shadow hides a secret as heavy as a boulder, more indomitable than any current and storm Tom has ever had to illuminate with the light of his lighthouse. Because on land, among civilization, there is a woman who still hopes. An unhappy but determined woman. This is a story that explores what is right and what is wrong and how they often seem to be the same thing. This is the novel of a mother and a father and their secret daughter. This is the point where love and guilt meet, and they will never leave you.

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