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Valerio Massimo Manfredi - my name is Nobody - the return

Valerio Massimo Manfredi - my name is Nobody - the return

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It took ten uninterrupted years of war and blood, of fierce love and unquenchable hatred, to defeat the Trojans. Now Odysseus must set off again with his men to return to Ithaca, where his faithful wife and his infant son await him. But the return is a new adventure: Odysseus must resume the fight, his challenge to men, to the dark forces of nature, to the capricious and inscrutable will of the gods. It is in vain to prepare the spirits for the joy of the return: the hero and his companions will have to face frightening feats, superhuman trials, very insidious enemies such as the Cyclops Polyphemus, the lotus eaters and then the enchantress who transforms men into pigs, the monsters of Strait, the Sirens with their wonderful and murderous song... The multifaceted Odysseus, the courageous Ulysses, the astute No one will have to reach the ends of the world and even summon the dead from the underworld, experiencing the most incurable yearning in the presence of those who now live in world of shadows, and still end up on a mysterious island where a goddess will welcome him and keep him entwined in a very sweet and dangerous embrace for many years... Then, finally, with a heart filled with pain for the companions lost along the way , here comes the return. The day of celebration. The day of revenge... After singing the birth and training of the hero and the war under the high walls of Pergamon, Manfredi gives voice to the most extraordinary journey of all time.

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